Aug 2014
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An Israeli start-up is seeking to do for the mind what heart and blood pressure monitoring devices are doing for the body — allow tracking anywhere, freeing  mental health patients — and society — from the expensive burden of 24/7 care in institutions

That’s the potential of Lifegraph, according to co-founder Keren Sela, describing a smartphone app that can detect changes in patients’ behavioral patterns and transmit them to professionals in real time. The app is in the testing process.

“It’s a platform for psychiatrists to keep track of their patients, checking on how they communicate, how they sleep, what activities they are engaged in,” Sela told The Times of Israel. “All of these behaviors can give an indication of their mental condition, how they are progressing with treatment, whether a change in treatment is needed.” Research on the application was presented in March at the Israel Society for Biological Psychiatry’s annual conference.

Read more: App frees mental health patients from their ‘chains’ | The Times of Israel http://www.timesofisrael.com/app-frees-mental-health-patients-from-their-chains/#ixzz39kBo7VoG

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